Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy ensures the privacy standards in terms of transparency for its visitors as well as customers. It declares the privacy rights of the storage protection, use and sharing of the client’s information. The policy states that can use the IP address of the visitors to check the issues of the visitors through the web servers. We can also obtain the contact information of the site visitors.

Collect Personal Information:  We prepare a database of your first name, last name, address, phone number, and gender, date of birth and email address. The information is only used with the consent of the user as it can provide better communication. We ensure that your crucial information is not shared and is completely safe with us. The information will not be shared with anybody except the trustable partners who are providing support for your project.

Collect Information through Technology: The information that we collect through the technology is only to provide you with better service. We can easily facilitate the quote, provide quick response to your queries and process the transactions easily. Our first priority is to fulfill your needs properly. In order to use the electronic newsletters, RSS feeds, promotional emails, discounts and the offers, your personal information may be required. Your consent is necessary for us before we can send the promotional mails. You can request for unsubscribing activities whenever you want.

Rights of Use: You can stop receiving the mails, newsletters, RSS feeds by using the unsubscribe option.

Privacy Statements Update: All the rights are reserved with which makes the information for amending the privacy practices without prior notice at any point of time.

Information Security: We ensure high security benchmarks to prevent your personal information from being misused. This protects your personal information from any risk.